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Matthias et Maxime

Directed by: Xavier Dolan

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Movie poster Matthias i Maxime
Original title: Matthias et Maxime
Runtime: 119 min.
Production: Kanada , 2019
Release Date: 21 February 2020
Distribution: Gutek Film

Directed by: Xavier Dolan
Cast: Harris Dickinson, Xavier Dolan, Anne Dorval

The most tender, warmest, shamelessly romantic new movie by Xavier Dolan is the story of one kiss that rocked an old acquaintance, disturbed the carefree waters of youth and forever changed the lives of the title characters. This pean in honor of friendly ties reminds us that true love cannot do without true friendship. And sometimes it starts with her.

"Matthias and Maxime" was made for thirty-year-olds, whose refreshing identity leaves less and less room for surprises and unexpected turns of feelings. Told in soft pastel colors, brilliant dialogues and songs (including Arcade Fire, Pet Shop Boys, Tom Odell, Florence + The Machine, Britney Spears) that sound like a confession that you don't have the courage to make directly.

Maxime (Xavier Dolan starred in his own movie for the first time in six years) is going to Australia for two years. He wants to leave Canada, not work behind the bar, not emotional fulfillment and constant quarrels with his mother, which he must look after. He spends the last few weeks before leaving with a packet of old friends: they drink beer, smoke cigarettes, play puns, are offended and reconcile. For shy Maxime, whose face, like a tear, flows down a red birthmark, buddies are a substitute for a loving and accepting family. One of the boy's closest friends is Matthias (Gabriel D'Almeida Fritas), a novice lawyer aiming directly at his career and marriage. However, the specific plans of both boys will be thwarted by a party during which they will play in a student film, in a kiss scene. They will meet in it, dressed in Almodovar blue and red, feelings suppressed for years and unexpectedly discovered desire. Do the characters dare to confront them?

Dolan is a master of seemingly banal scenes in which there are emotions reaching the zenith and bursting routine drama. He has perfect hearing for the mood and like no one feels the spirit of time. His characters still remember the content of "Harry Potter" and "Dragon Ball", but they are already watching "Invasion of the Barbarians" - a cult film about a group of age friends. Suspended between childhood and adulthood, they sense that there will never be a better opportunity to risk everything and say, "I love."

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