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The Wishmas Tree

Directed by: Ricard Cusso

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Movie poster O czym marzą zwierzęta
Original title: The Wishmas Tree
Production: Australia , 2019
Release Date: 21 August 2020
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Ricard Cusso
Cast: Miranda Tapsell, Ross Noble, Kate Murphy

When climate change is not fantastic - it's time for a great adventure that will save the animals and restore the balance in nature! Fun animation for the whole family with dynamic action, but also with a great message. The film is based on the script of the author of the hit "Szajbus i pengwiny", which was seen in Polish cinemas by over a quarter of a million viewers!

In a remote corner of the Earth, far from the eyes of curious people, lies the Sanctuary. It is a place where endangered animal species find shelter, and where the source of happiness and prosperity is the magic tree that makes wishes come true. This land is inhabited by a little possum named Klara, whose greatest dream is to see snow, make snowmen and throw snowballs with friends. When the day comes when the inhabitants of the Sanctuary gather under the branches of the magic tree - Clara breaks the last leaf and voices her frosty desire aloud. Unfortunately, as a result of an unfortunate whim, the entire secret land is frozen. Now Klara, with her sister Paula and the wise lizard Yarra, must embark on a long and dangerous journey to restore the Sanctuary to its former splendor. Time, however, is short, because the inhabitants of the land are in danger of extinction, and dark clouds are gathering over the animal world.

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Movie trailer: The Wishmas Tree

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Maszka 25. August 2020, 11:15

bajka przypadła do gustu moim bliźniakom :) bawili się w domu w oposy, także chyba warto się wybrać z dziećmi :)

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