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Spies in Disguise

Directed by: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane

Cinema program "Spies in Disguise" in Kraków

Cinema   Tuesday, 18 February
Morning Afternoon Evening
Cinema City Bonarka 2d dub 11:40 13:50
Cinema City Zakopianka 2d dub 11:10
Movie poster Tajni i fajni
Original title: Spies in Disguise
Production: USA Release Date: 10 January 2020
Distribution: Imperial Cinepix

Directed by: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane
Cast: Will Smith, Tom Holland, Rachel Brosnahan

Superagent Lance Sterling and scientist Walter Beckett are almost exact opposites. Lance is confident, elegant and polite. Walter, however, is not very informative, but makes up for it with cunning and inventiveness, inventing amazing gadgets that Lance uses during his extraordinary missions. Events take an unexpected turn when Walter and Lance discover that by a strange twist of fate they have to rely on each other in a whole new way. And if this unkind pair doesn't work as a harmonious duo, the whole world will be in danger ...

Average rate: 5.0
rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0 rating 5.0
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Movie trailer: Spies in Disguise

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