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Wojtyla. La investigacion

Directed by: Jose María Zavala

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Movie poster Wojtyła. Śledztwo
Original title: Wojtyla. La investigacion
Production: Hiszpania , 2020
Release Date: 25 September 2020
Distribution: Rafael

Directed by: Jose María Zavala

No one has been photographed, recorded or filmed as often as he has. Nobody before
met with over a billion people ... Karol Wojtyła is probably the most public
character in history. Could it be possible for the public to miss something that is behind his?
public image?
José María Zavala, the director of Padre Pio's famous Mystery, has personal reasons to measure
this time with the great figure of the Polish Pope. In 1981 - as we learn from the film -
his father sacrificed his life for John Paul II ... Zavala has a surprising and original approach
to the life of Karol Wojtyła. Where all biographers finish their work - in the moment
the hero's death - he begins an even more interesting story. He hears witnesses whom
stories discover the power of a holy pope's intercession: a man whose mother wanted to kill,
a girl who is already "on the other side" or a would-be suicide who was before the jump
from on high was stopped by ... the hand of John Paul II.
Whoever expects another classic biography of the Polish Pope will be disappointed. Who
will succumb to an unconventional, mystical story about one of the greatest titans of the spirit,
will remain impressed for a long time.

Average rate: 8.0
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