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Directed by: A.B. Shawky

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Movie poster Yomeddine. podróż życia
Original title: Yomeddine
Runtime: 97 min.
Production: Egipt/USA/Austria , 2018
Category: adventure / comedy / drama
Release Date: 5 April 2019

Directed by: A.B. Shawky
Cast: Rady Gamal, Ahmed Abdelhafiz, Osama Abdallah

A special award for friendship, exclusion and humanity honored at the Cannes Festival. 40-year-old Beshay from childhood lives in a leper colony in the Egyptian desert. Although he has already fought a disease for a long time, he never left the closed community in which he lived. His wife's sudden death releases in him the need to find his roots. Accompanied by the Nubian orphan Obama and his beloved donkey, he embarks on a journey to a family city hundreds of kilometers away, to find out why his father left him for years.

Beshaya, experienced by life, Egyptian director A.B. Shawky entrusted Council Gamal - an authentic citizen located north of Cairo with a leper colony Abu Zaabal, whom he portrayed in 2008 in his first short film "The Colony". It was then that an idea was born in his head
on "Yomeddine. Journey of life "- a story about a man thrown out of society, who matures to understand why the world dealt with him in such an absolute way.

The term "Yomeddine" comes from Arabic and means "Judgment Day". Although the film itself has above all a social overtone, this religious term has a special meaning for the main character and those who are excluded him. It allows them to live in the hope that their suffering will find satisfaction at the moment when they stand face to face with the Creator on equal terms with others and will be judged for their deeds and not their appearance.

The modest debut of the Egyptian, made for only $ 0.5 million, won the hearts of the selectors of the last year's Cannes Festival, alongside such films as "Cold War" by Paweł Pawlikowski, "Złodziejaszki" by Hirokaz Kore-eda and "Kafarnaum" Nadine Lebaki. Finally, "Yomeddine. The journey of life "received the prestigious. François Chalais "for a film showing the lives of people". The image of Abu Shawky was also an Egyptian candidate for the Oscar nomination for the best non-English film, while at the International Film Festival in Valladolid he was awarded the Audience Award and the Youth Jury Prize.

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