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Movie poster Złe psy
Original title: Bent
Runtime: 96 min.
Production: USA/Hiszpania , 2018
Category: crime / thriller
Release Date: 20 April 2018
Distribution: Akson Studio

Directed by: Bobby Moresco
Cast: Sofia Vergara, Karl Urban, Andy Garcia

The main character is framed. From now on, he lives a desire for revenge, forced to choose between the truth he knows and the proofs that question this truth, and the love of his life.
Danny Gallagher (Karl Urban) is a discredited detective from the drug department. After leaving the prison he wants to regain his good name and determine what happened on the night, which ended for the partner's death, and for him a sentence.
He is asking for help from retired police officer Murtha (Andy Garcia), a former mentor who has fought for corruption all his life. The situation forces Gallagher to confront Rebecca (Sofia Vergara), a government agent who can be both a foe and an enemy.
Bad dogs are an engaging, racial thriller, kept in the classic tradition of cinema noir.
In a dishonest world, fraud is a law.

Bad dogs is an intriguing action movie with elements of suspense and thriller, kept in the noir tradition. The threads of loyalty and betrayal present in it are played out against the background of corruption in secret government agencies, and the audience will get to know the fascinating heroes of the criminal underworld. Action returns compel Gallagher to confront Rebecca, a ruthless and extremely attractive government agent, about whom we do not know whether he is an ally or an enemy. Danny will also cooperate with retired policeman Murtha, once his mentor, who has fought all his life against corruption, and in the film is one of the central figures of events. The evil dogs are full of handicrafts from noir movies.

Average rate: 2.0
rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0
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Your comments

Kinomanka 25. April 2018, 21:05

Film bardzo mi sie podobał. Polecam.

Daniel 23. April 2018, 15:01

Tak złego filmu dawno nie widziałem. Fatalna gra aktorska, kiepski montaż. Muzyka tak jest szybko zmieniana, że uszy bolą. 99% filmu to dialogi w których trudno się połapać o co chodzi. W pewnym momencie w filmie jest taki moment, że ma się wrażenie, że to koniec filmu, ale nie twórcy nadal chcą coś wyjaśniać i trochę pomęczyć widzów...

Hana Sural 20. April 2018, 21:59

Okrutny badziew. Z filmem noir ma tyle wspólnego, że Danny Gallagher nosi czarną czapkę. Bohater jest tak drewniany, że czasami aż skrzypi. Sofia Vergara została przyjęta do tajnych służb chyba tylko po znajomości, bo nawet nie umie dobrze mówić po angielsku. Andy Garcia na pewno grał w tym filmie za karę, inaczej nie umiem tego wytłumaczyć.

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